How Much Does a Gas Compliance Certificate Cost

How Much Does a Gas Compliance Certificate Cost | Explained

A gas certificate is a piece of paper given by a licensed company that provides information about all the installations of gas or any appliances related to gas or LPG by that company. Through this certificate, the company acknowledges that the gas or the devices are working properly and safely, and any faulty workmanship during installation is unintentional and immediate assistance will be sent.

Why does a certificate cost money?

A certificate is a valid document provided with information that is mutually accepted between the company or organization and the receiver.

Whenever you think of something costing money, you consider some particular factors such as the production cost, transportation cost, etc. A certificate is just a piece of paper, how much should that cost?  It is granted that the certificate requires a special kind of paper along with the addition of graphics designs and fonts, which do require money. However, funds and revenues from a business profit always tend to cover up the certificates’ costs, and transportation of certificates should not be a big deal either. Therefore, their costs are equal to nothing. Apparently, certificates have a greater value— trust, for which customers agree to even pay money.

A gas compliance certificate, as a result, is no exception at all. In the United States of America, these certificates are prioritized on a maximum level because they guarantee a person’s or people’s safety, hence the trust. 

Besides all these safety reasons, having a gas compliance certificate without paying is often considered illegal or unofficial in the States. A paid certificate contains encryption whose code has been recorded in the software systems since it was made. This assists in differentiating you from the thousands of customers who are accepting the service. Once you have paid, the encrypted code is signaled ‘Activated’. 

If you do not pay, however, your connection to the certified gas fitter will not be granted as secured and you will be warned on a regular interval to make sure that the gas fitter is legitimate. Or, if the gas fitter has been confirmed as qualified, you will be warned that you are not using an activated certificate and will provide you a minimum of 3 days for activation until your certificate gets blocked. Blocking of a certificate has to be renewed with additional costs. 

Cost of a gas compliance certificate

Cost of a gas compliance certificate

We know that a gas compliance certificate is provided by a qualified gas fitter, company, or engineer so it should have a minimum cost of around $40 to a maximum cost of $200 in the USA. 

TypeAverage Price Range
Landlord gas compliance certificate$55-$175
LPG gas compliance certificate per appliance$55-$80
Boiler gas compliance certificate$80-$135
Gas fire’s gas compliance certificate $55-$80

However, depending on the number and type of appliances installed, the average price range may vary. Further factors that affect the cost are the conditions and size of the property that you live in, the country that you live in, and the qualified gas fitter, company, or engineer that you have hired for installation. For example, compared to the USA or Canada, London’s services usually charge higher rates.

All certificates in the USA are formed under the rules and regulations of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). This puts the customers under the supervision of FERC, prompting them to pay for these certificates. The point is, the certificate, at the end of the day, is worth more than its monetary value. It assures you safe against both life-threatening and security reasons, while also assisting you in case of installation failures. It is recommended to pay for a piece of paper that can save you from some major troubles for the rest of your life.

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