What is A Gas Compliance Certificate

What is A Gas Compliance Certificate? | Details Explained


The concept of authorization or acknowledgment from a valid authority has been used for generations since rules and discipline became a huge priority for humanity. From dictatorship to democracy, in every period asking for permission from someone higher in your rank or someone affiliated in the job has always been the accurate method to receive your desired authorization.

However, before the invention of paper, the Egyptians used papyrus to record anything in written form; before that the authorizations were usually sent orally by messengers which were both tedious and, in case of sensitive issues, life-staking. Since then, the hard copy service was established and various terms such as ‘scrolls’, ‘documents’, and ‘certificates’ came into existence. 

A gas compliance certificate is just one of these authorizations that you must have to carry on with your daily life.

What is a gas compliance certificate?

A gas compliance certificate is a piece of paper that provides information regarding the installation of gas or any device related to gas or LPG in your house. It is a document provided to you for filling it up by the company after it is done fitting the device in your house.

The certificate acknowledges that the gas system or the device installed is working without posing any form of danger and in any unfortunate case of installation failure, the company has agreed to send immediate assistance. It is necessary to remember that only certified and qualified gas fitting companies will provide you with this certificate.

Purpose of a gas compliance certificate

A gas compliance certificate is a piece of burning evidence that your house is safe for any kind of installation. The certificate will support you about your gas pipes or your gas supplier system and whether they are working properly. It will also become your ally when you will be wanting to install an appliance that will be using your house’s gas in the future. 

Without this certificate, you will not be allowed to install any gas pipes, gas suppliers, or gas appliances. You will also not be allowed to reconnect gas in your house or building in case you want to change to a new gas service provider. Even if you are going to replace any of your previous gas appliances, you must show your gas compliance certificate.

Another advantage of having a gas compliance certificate is it provides insurance to any kind of unforeseen and unfortunate danger or circumstance. If you hand a copy of your certificate to your gas service provider, they should be able to pass it on to your insurance company.

The only restriction of a gas compliance certificate’s purpose is the State or the Territory’s genuine symbol. Normally, all certificates acknowledge similar privileges given to all people living there but still, every State likes to issue documents of its own, mostly because of political reasons or to safeguard against fraud.

Is a gas compliance certificate similar to a gas certificate of inspection?

If you happen to confuse a gas compliance certificate with a gas certificate of inspection, then you are just like most curious people out there who need to be corrected.

The biggest difference between these two certificates is that a gas compliance certificate is only applicable when your house or building is connected to a gas network, while the other one is used when your house is not. So, if your house does not have a regular gas supply, you will be using refillable gas containers such as gas bottles for your daily gas needs. Therefore, whenever you go to refill them, you will need a gas certificate of inspection instead of the compliance certificate. In case of a certificate of inspection, remember that you will need a compliance plate along with the certificate, so do inform your gas fitters before they are done fitting.

The main point, though, is both certificates are extremely important. In fact, all certificates are very crucial because they are the only official proof of what you have done and what you have not under the rules and regulations of the authority. Losing them is quite easy because they are papers, but recovering them back is a nightmare. Therefore, it is advised to keep them safe as much as possible until the time arrives when you will not need them anymore. 

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