Can I Put A Bigger Gas Tank In My Car

Can I Put A Bigger Gas Tank In My Car | The Ultimate Guide


There are thousands of cars in the world and millions are their owners. Men, women, child or old- if you can manage the right time, you can be a car owner of any class depending on your budget. Any sign of development in the country’s economy initiates a sale of cars similar to that of cheap hotcakes. However, let it be the owners of Mercedes-Benz, Ford, or Volkswagen, mostly all of them wishes to have something in common, something that will make them feel satisfied for the rest of their life and something that will make them say “This car was worth buying!” That ‘something’ is- a BIGGER gas tank.

How does a gas tank work?

In a standard car, a gas tank works as a reservoir for the fuel. Fuel is the food of the car; whenever the car’s gas gauge gets down to a quarter, the automated sensors in the car started ‘beeping’ to inform the owner or the driver that it’s ‘hungry’ and needs to ‘eat’. So, the person in charge takes her (the car) to his favorite fueling or gas station. 

After the gas gauge finally signals ‘green’, the car becomes ready to roll back on the streets. The gas tank has stored the fuel that was taken from the gas station through the gas station pump. Now, the fuel pumps in the car force the fuel through the fuel lines that deliver fuel from the tank to the engine for combustion.

How does a gas tank work

Why you might need a BIGGER gas tank?

Now, here’s the thing- no matter how many favorite gas stations you have, you cannot visit them very often. Suppose, you are late for work in the morning but you forgot that you visited a friend last evening who lives quite a distance from yours and have not checked your car’s gas gauge later which is on the verge of ‘beeping’ now. Or you take your car for a long ride with a full tank but your return may become a risk if your destination does not have a gas station nearby. 

If simply put, you wish for a BIGGER gas tank. A bigger gas tank increases the capacity of the car to store fuel so you may not need to refuel at urgent times.

Ways to have a Bigger gas tank

There are three possible ways to a BIGGER tank in a car:

1) Enlarging the default/factory tank- Enlarging the default gas tank is never an easy task. You may have to remove the whole tank first, then cut it open, and then graft new material into it. This will add further capacity than before, therefore giving you a BIGGER tank. 

But this depends on the car design; in some cars you have to do it the old-fashioned way that is, ‘airing’ the tank up, causing it to expand like a balloon. This does not give you much additional capacity but you still get a BIGGER tank. 

However, both ways, especially the “removing-the-tank-and-cutting-it” way, is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and you must allow a professional in this task. Also, you have to be willing to give up some of the interior space because of the bigger tank.

Ways to have a Bigger gas tank

2) Augmenting the default/factory tank with an auxiliary tank(s) – This method has been used quite often. The auxiliary tank is attached to the opposite of the default tank (once again, you have to be willing to give up interior space since you will be having two tanks now). 

Then, there is a method through which fuel will be transferred from the auxiliary to the default tank whenever the default one is low on fuel, or there can be fuel pumps in each tank, or there is a mechanism, maybe automated or manual, through which you can choose which tank to allow fuel to flow from. 

However, depending on the car design, the auxiliary tank size, and its position in the car, you should be facing a lot of potential problems while installing the auxiliary tank with the additional headache about how you want to make both of the tanks work simultaneously. It sounds quite expensive too.

3) Replacing the default/factory tank with a larger tank- Finally, there is the replacement tank route. Pickup trucks are generally offered the option of a ‘bigger tank’ from the factory itself, so the owners can just switch to the bigger one. 

Cars, on the other hand, have no such offers so what you can do is replace the default tank with an aftermarket fuel cell. It is definitely going to require significant hard work and modifications to the car’s floor, however you should notice a significant increase in the fuel capacity after you are done installing the fuel cell. 

The three ways mentioned are very much possible, but practical depending on your car, your budget, your skills, and some other factors. How you really want to avoid annoying refueling on your emergencies is your choice now. Hope you’ll make the best decision for you. 

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