How to Remove Locking Gas Cap Without Key

How to Remove Locking Gas Cap Without Key | Ultimate Guide

You go on so many journeys across the world by vehicles running on gas. Every time, you mostly take precautions about fuel for the entire ride. What about the time when you need to refuel? Whenever you need to refuel, you need to unlock the gas cap with a key, because there are high chances, you might be robbed of your fuel by gas thieves if they are not locked. What if, though, you cannot unlock your locked gas cap? 

You might be having difficulties finding your gas cap key or, you have the key, but such is your bad luck that it is not working, might have broken, or something. Imagine the feeling when you have several gas stations on your way home but you are stranded by your broken key.

Can a locked gas cap be removed without a key?

Of course, you can. Every problem has a solution to humans because humans create those problems. All it will take are some tools and slight manual work.

Probable tools- 1) A screwdriver

                            2) A large nail


1) Take the small or medium-sized screwdriver and the large nail.

2) Place the nail against the plastic cap and fit the screwdriver.

3) Start pressing and twisting the nail firmly at the same time with the screwdriver to pierce through the thin plastic. The first layer will be crossed.

4) Now, start pushing the screwdriver at such an angle that the nail tip goes towards the center of the cap.

5) Keep pushing until the screwdriver stops. This means that it has gone as far as it could. Now, reverse twist the screwdriver to bring the nail out. The large nail should screw off the cap too.

6) Once the cap has been taken care of, you can open just using your hands. But to close and lock it back, you just have to buy a new cap.

More ways for removing locked gas cap without a key

More ways for removing locked gas cap without a key

If you do not prefer the previous way, you can go with these alternatives. Just so you know, most ways will eventually result in the replacement for your lock or the gas cap with a new one.

1) Insert a flat-head screwdriver like a key into the lock and twist in the direction that would unlock. These locks are never that strong so they should do the trick.

2) Use a pair of locking pliers to grasp the gas cap tightly. Then, provide a strong twist anticlockwise. The bars that hold the lock in place should break as a result.

3) Visit a local auto parts store. They usually have a bunch of gas cap keys and all gas cap keys are mostly alike, therefore a different key might work. Also, if you want to avoid all this trouble, the store will be happy to sell you a new cap.

4) A very unorthodox way, you can drench the locked gas cap in liquid nitrogen and twist the cap with a pair of pliers. This should break the cap off to pieces.

5) There is also the possibility where none of the above-mentioned ways work. Then, you have to go for the most expensive yet viable way of all, visiting a locksmith. They will have their cheeky ways to pick your locks, but in case they decide to drill out the lock, be careful of small pieces of metal. They can enter into the gas hole and block the fuel filter.

There will be a thousand more ways if you do a little research yourself. However, that does not mean you should be careless about your keys. Keys should never be lost, let it be a key for your gas cap or your heart. 

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