How to pump gas out of a boat gas tank

How to Pump Gas Out of a Boat Gas Tank | Step by Step Guide


Who doesn’t love a trip by boat? Unless you are afraid of water, a boat trip is a perfect activity to refresh your mind from all the troubles and complications given by the world. 

What if you own a boat though? Well, then you should be able to experience a fraction of what paradise really feels like. Because you can take your boat for a ride whenever you want. 

Here’s the thing, you can’t take your boat for a ride whenever you want, as boat rides favor seasons depending on your choice. I prefer winter or spring. So, when your favorite seasons leave, you can just bring your boat out of the water and leave it with gallons of gas inside its tank, just like your car right? Absolutely not.

Why can’t you keep the gas in the boat gas tank

As said above, boat rides are seasonal, unlike your everyday rides with your car. Your car runs out of gas, you refill them, you run out again, and you refill them back; no matter how much less you ride your car, gas will be stored for a maximum of 2 or 3 days in your car’s gas tank.

On the other hand, until your favorite seasons, it is unlikely that you will go for a boat ride because boat rides usually require quite a lot of arrangements since they are for entertainment purposes, not for job trips. You fill your boat gas tank for a 3-to-4-hours ride just to stay on the safe side but ride for maybe 1 or 2 hours. Your boat gas tank still contains quite a lot of gas, but you are done with boat rides for that day, or maybe for that week. You should always leave your boat gas tank empty.

The reason is, the gas required for boats is extremely flammable and it is a dangerous mistake to leave them so exposed. Also, gas starts to lose its combustibility if it is not stored in proper places. So, in case you decide to just keep gases lying around for your next season of boat rides, you should think first, as these factors keep your money and life at stake.

Why can’t you keep the gas in the boat gas tank

What to do with the gas in the boat gas tank

You have 2 options- empty the boat gas tank by either using up the gas or transferring the remaining gas to somewhere else, preferably into another gas tank with an active engine or a receptacle. For transfers, you have to pump the gas out of the tank, and that’s where you might get stuck if you don’t know how to.

How to pump the gas out of the boat gas tank

Tools you may need-

1) A fuel line primer bulb

2) Two fuel line hoses (5-16 inches or 3-8 inches)

3) A gas can or any container that is approved for gas storage

Procedure- 1) The fuel line primer bulb has two ends. Connect each one of the fuel line hoses to each end.

2) Open the gas tank cap (make sure that you don’t lose it), and connect one of the free ends of the hose. Make sure the hose has gone deep enough to reach the gasoline.

3) Bring out the gas can or any other container approved for gas storage and place it lower than the gas tank. This will favor the gravity for the can. Connect the other free end of the hose in its opening.

4) Use the primer bulb to pump the gas out of the boat gas tank towards the empty gas tank until the bulb becomes flat. That should mean that all the gas has been successfully transferred from the boat gas tank.

The approved gas tanks can store gases for quite a long time without sacrificing combustibility. Once you have transferred the gas to the gas can, you can put the gas back to the gas tank using the same method for your next ride. 

I hope this article is going to help you with pumping gas out of your boat gas tank. 

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