How To Reset Gas Meter

How To Reset Gas Meter | How Does Gas Meter Work in [2022]


Every machine requires something that will ensure both the machine and its owner that it’s working efficiently without going overboard. By ‘overboard’ it’s meant that the machine working beyond its capacity which may damage its capacitors. Or, a machine can often show anomalies in its activities that are not possible to detect by your senses. An irregularity can gradually deteriorate a machine’s conditions; therefore, it’s always recommended to repair it as soon as possible.

Thus, for detection of such technical problems, a machine always has a meter that displays the machine’s daily activities and, can detect and inform you about any discrepancy. For a gas supply, it’s known as a gas meter.

How does a gas meter work

Most households and buildings still use natural gas. So, it’s often called a natural gas meter. 

A natural gas meter is installed just between the point of gas supply from the mains and the point of distribution of the gas throughout the whole house. This allows the meter to measure the amount of incoming gas through the lines every 24 hours. It also measures the amount of electricity that the gas supply uses, which helps in the calculation of the electricity bill. The amount of gas flow is measured using the unit cubic foot (ft3).

When does a gas meter shut down the gas supply?

The gas meter is programmed with the minimum and maximum range of normal gas supply, so any deviation from these values is considered an irregularity, causing it to shut down the gas supply. 

Factors such as significant amounts of gas leakage, drop in gas pressure, prolonged usage of a gas supply to the point where it does not recognize overheating, or an earthquake occurring at a magnitude of 5 or greater are reasons for the meter to shut down the gas. To revive the gas supply, you have to reset the gas meter.

How to reset a gas meter

How to reset a gas meter

A crucial point should be noted down— reset the gas meter after the problem due to which the gas has been shut down has been solved. For example, after the earthquake is over, wait for at least 30 minutes to make sure there is no second wave, or if the reason for the irregularity is a possible gas leakage, repair it before you approach the gas meter.

Resetting a gas meter is a job you can do by yourself. However, since it is a matter related to gas, basic precautions such as ensuring proper ventilation, and turning off the gas switches in both indoor and outdoor appliances before switching off the main gas supply are a top priority. Now that you are done preparing for resetting, let’s get down to it—

1) A reset button on the gas meter is always covered by a lid or cap so that any accidental pressing is avoided. Reach for the cap and turn the cap slowly anti-clockwise to take it off and expose the button.

2) Now, press the reset button. Press it so that it goes all the way in. There should be a red indicator light that will light up and start flashing after you are done pressing. Release the button slowly afterward and put the cap back on it.

3) Do nothing else. Just observe the meter and its indicator light for about 3 minutes. This is the period where the gas meter does a thorough scan to check if the problem that caused the shutdown, such as gas leakage or earthquake, has been solved. If, after 3 minutes, the indicator light keeps flashing, that should mean that the irregularity remains and you have to check for problems again before redoing the resetting procedure. If the light stops flashing, you can revive the gas supply again.

A gas supply, just like any other machine, needs to be monitored by someone or something, and the gas meter does a perfect job. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t rely too much on it as that’s also a machine; as flawless as a machine can be, its faults can be equally ruthless. Factors such as gas leakage can be detected through your sense of smell, only if you are vigilant enough. And being vigilant is never too harmful.

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